We offer a range of communication interventions as well as dysphagia assessments and interventions.

Communication Assessment

Depending on your diagnosis (parkinsons, stroke, brain injury) the SLT will carry out a range of tests to fully evaluate your speech, language and overall communication. This is required prior to intervention in order to guide therapy and goals. These tests may look at the following areas: 

  • naming everyday common objects

  • automatic speech E.g. count to 10

  • repetition

  • object function

  • following verbal directions

  • speech clarity at word level

  • speech clarity at sentence level

€250 - €300

Communication Intervention

We provid therapy for adults with acquired speech and language disorders that may arise from traumatic brain injury or neurological conditions.

Intervention can assist with dysarthria (poor speech clarity), verbal apraxia (difficulties with the motor movements involved in speech), aphasia (difficulty using and understanding language), vocal quality and much more.

Some times, the SLT may use alternative and augmentative communication methods such as communication devices with voice output systems to support someone's expressive language (use of language).

Please note, if you have completed a communication assessment from another professional, you will still require an initial consultation priced at a 30mins session in order to facilitate goal setting. A summary report detailing assessment findings is also required. 

All intervention is priced at a 30min, 45min or 60min session rate.

Feedback is provided to the client at the end of each the session.


30 mins - €55

45 mins €70

60 mins - €85

Please note in special cases the therapist can accommodate assessments and/or intervention in the client's home / nursing home / hospital etc. For settings within a 10km radius there is no extra charge for this.


Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland

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