We provide speech, language and communication assessment and intervention for all children.

Early Communication Assessment

For children under 3 years old, older children who’s speech and language has not yet or partially emerged, or where a child’s needs would not allow for structured assessment, we offer an early communication assessment. The format is play based assessment, observation and parent interview and focuses on the presence and use of early communication skills which are the stepping stones in developing speech and language skills as part of a child’s  overall communication profile.

€120- €150


Intervention in this area involves developing the communication needs requiring specific support based on assessment outcomes. Goals are set in collaboration with parents and parent training such as Hanen programmes may also form part of the intervention approach for children at this stage.

Speech Assessment

For some children, they may have age-appropriate understanding and expressive language skills but may present with difficulties producing or using one or more speech sound. An example of this may be child who say things like "poon" instead of "spoon", "fwog" instead of "frog". Sometimes children may not pronounce the ends of words, or may have lisps. Some children only have difficulties with one to two specific sounds; others may be difficult to understand in conversation due to the number of speech sounds "errors" they have. If this sounds familiar, this assessment may be appropriate for your child.

Generally children aged 3+ are seen for this assessment. It includes analysis of the child’s speech sounds and oral motor examination.

€120 - €150

Intervention in this area involves working on the production of sounds in isolation, blending them with vowel sounds, building them into words, phrases and eventually conversations and carry over to spontaneous speech. Targets are based on an difficulties evident in the assessment and speech sound developmental milestones.


Language Assessment

This assessment is appropriate for children who present with difficulties in the classroom with forming sentences, using grammar, narratives, understanding what others are saying or following instructions. Formal language assessment are usually undertaken from age 4+ for typically developing children.

€250 - €300

Intervention in this area involves focusing on the areas above which would have been highlighted as part of an assessment E.g. following directions, supporting sentence structure, practicing using correct syntax and grammatical markings etc. 


At LEAP to Communicate, we are trained across a range of therapeutic approaches including Elklan, Derbyshire, PECS, Lámh, Hanen - It Takes Two To Talk, More Than Words, Talkability, all of which will be utilized where appropriate to best support the children communication.

All therapy sessions require an initial session in order to facilitate goal setting.


Intervention can be carried out in two ways:

1. Individual sessions with the child

2. parent training

We will advise and give you information on both options where appropriate in order to support you and your family in deciding which delivery of intervention will suit you best. 

All individual intervention sessions are priced at a 30min, 45min, or 60min session rate.

​(these session times do not include feedback to parents at the end of the session)

30 mins - €55

45 mins - €70

60 mins - €85

Parent training will incur additional costs and usually take places over a course of a few weeks.


Please note we can travel to your child’s preschool / school to carry out the assessment or intervention. If the setting is within a 10km radius there is no extra charge. This will need to be agreed with preschool facilitator, principal, class teacher.


Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland

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