At LEAP to Communicate we offer a range of training and information session. We are have to call to your work place i.e. preschool, nursing home to carry out training, or come along an join your group i.e. parent and toddler group, local community groups etc. Here are just some of the trainings we provide.

  • Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk, More Than Words, Talkability

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

  • Identifying and supporting social communication difficulties at primary and secondary school age

  • Communication development 

  • Infant feeding - Transition from bottle to solids

  • Infant feeding - Transition through food textures

  • Managing and limiting risks of dysphagia - infants

  • Managing and limiting risks of dysphagia - adults

  • Supporting communication with acquired communication disorder

  • As we aim to provide a client centred service, we also offer tailor made education sessions for individuals working with children and adults on area such as speech and language development, communication and dysphagia. 


Formal and informal education sessions are available for families, caregivers, parenting groups, community development groups, nursing staff, teachers and other healthcare professional.

Prices can vary and depend on travel involved, number of people attending and the number of sessions involved so please get in touch if you are considering same.  


Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland

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